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May 30, 2017

For episode 30 were learning about taking inspired, data-driven action based on market trends, to understand and serve the new fitness club member lifecycle. Of course, from the pulse of the industry and from many of our previous shows on the podcast, we know that the 30 to 90 day window of how we engage with both new leads and new members make all the difference in converting these customers to lifelong advocates of a brand or a club. 

But with all the metrics and key performance indicators out there, what are the smart goals around monitoring, analyzing, and deciding where to spend your marketing dollars and how to best follow-up with these valuable potential new members?

We explore those questions and more today with the President and CEO of InTouch Technology, Dana Milkie, to discuss optimizing club growth through technology that will provide the needed clarity in our fast-paced digital world.

If you’ve been curious about understanding a new club member lifecycle and the roadmap for turning new leads and members into higher lifetime value to serve both their health and your bottom line, you’re going to want to listen all the way till the end of the show.

In our Fit Six Round, Dana shares how InTouch Technology and smart club management systems are helping our industry space answer the call of the most savvy consumers we’ve ever seen in our space. 

About Dana Milkie

As President and CEO of InTouch Technology, Dana Milkie is responsible for driving company growth through the successful implementation of InTouch’s short and long term business strategies. Passionate about the health and fitness industry, Dana’s move to InTouch was a natural fit.

Since joining the company in 2016, Dana has been committed to addressing the changing needs of the industry by expanding InTouch’s software solution including member acquisition, engagement, and retention tools.  

Dana is a recognized, seasoned veteran of the fitness industry with 30 years of professional experience.  He has successfully helped both small and large businesses optimize their growth, resources and profitability strategies.

As a respected and insightful representative of the industry, Dana has been interviewed and spoken extensively in industry focused publications including CBI, IHRSA, Club Solutions, Fitness Business Canada, Club Industry and many others. Prior to joining InTouch, Dana was Senior Vice President of Client Management with ABC Financial, responsible for the management of ABC’s industry leading customer portfolio. Additionally, he served as Senior Vice President of a multi-location franchise group.

Outside of InTouch, Dana sits on the Board of Directors of several companies. He currently serves as the President of The Foundation for Community Betterment, a national non-profit organization, dedicated to helping individuals and organizations with immediate and critical needs.

Listen To Episode 030 As Dana Uncovers

  • What is InTouch Technology and what solution is it providing for the fitness industry
  • How can clubs effectively analyze the lead capture data for a sound decisions via facebook, web, & others 
  • Understanding a new club member lifecycle: a roadmap for turning a new member into a long term one
  • Lead management: what are the best practices to be successful
  • SMART Goals: How can clubs use their own data to tailor smart goals
  • Understanding the core KPI pathway for revenue: text, emails, phone calls, leads, appointment, tours and sales 
  • Understanding the MAD Process: monitor, analyze, decide  
  • Why fear of asking to communicate with the customer on their terms exists from fitness sales staff 
  • Why club communications must shift into consumer chosen models rather than club preferred
  • What actions savvy clubs can take using data and best practices around new club members 

Top 3 Takeaways From The Show

  • It should come as no surprise that the days of managing appointments and lead acquisition with pen and paper are old news. Dana believes that with smart algorithms and the right central hub of data to monitor a customer’s journey (from a facebook click all the way to them taking a tour and signing up in your club) is what every club must have as we look at this ever-demanding wish list from customers. 

  • Communicating with the members via text, email, or phone does not happen anymore in the industry space like it used to. With smart technology and the majority of members and consumers making decisions and engaging with clubs primarily through their mobile device, what separates the great clubs from the good will be learning to use technology to engage with how the member wants to talk to the club, and not how the club wants to talk to the member.

  • Dana believes that we’ve never been in a more exciting time to work in the fitness industry. Especially when we take that 30,000 foot view to see both how technology is supporting our industry to address the rising obesity epidemic, and how smart, data-driven, technology focused clubs will inspire and motivate new potential members at their deepest needs by using the language they understand. 

Power Quotes From Dana

"What we see is that potential members want to be able to try the facility to see if it matches them, and they want to do it in a non-pressured way. Referral offers are very powerful via text, but we've got a ways to go in this industry to be more creative, but referrals from friends that involve passes are proving to be a great pathway."  - Dana Milkie on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

"The health club business has changed to a retail consumer driven business. It never felt that way before, at least to me. It always felt like we were separate. We weren't like Target or Nordstrom, or any other retail; we didn't have to deal with consumers in the same way. Now, it seems like consumers want and expect the same thing from health clubs in the communication, the engagement, and the flexibility they get from all retailers. Consumers now want the same thing, whether they're dealing with a large retailer, or a health club, and I think that really has come on strong in the last couple years." Dana Milkie on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

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