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Jan 24, 2017

Robert Dyer is the principle at Integrus, LLC, and a global ambassador with more than 30 years of operating health clubs, consulting to and advising fitness facility owners, global suppliers, and developing organizations. Robert and his partners have advised brands around the world. His fitness career began in the early 80’s when he founded and served as CEO of the Fort Worth Fit For Life health club chain, and in 2006, he became CEO and founder of Fitmarc

Sometimes you'll hear the phrase "people person" and think of someone you know who fits this description. You know the ones: those folks who just seem magnetic to everyone around them. Robert Dyer is most certainly a people person. It's reflected in his approach to business, whether he's working with someone in the fitness industry or from an outside field. Colleagues refer to him as "the genuine article," and "committed to improving the lives and circumstances of all those around him" without hesitation. People also observe that he seems to go out of his way to get to the heart of an interaction, bringing integrity, fun, and authenticity to large presentations and small collaborations alike.

Robert's philanthropic efforts have focused on helping and coaching people who can benefit from his experience and forward-looking insights. Robert's reputation of building relationships that matter and humanizing the health and fitness industry are well known to the people he has worked with over the years.

Listen To Episode 010 As Robert Uncovers

  • Bridging the gap between "old school" traditional club operations vs. "new school" technology focused operations
  • What best practices Robert put into place to support Les Mills in managing over 800 facilities with 5,000 fitness professionals
  • Real life on the ground vs. the perception of what clubs “should be doing” online
  • Robert's featured contribution in the 2017 FIT-C Tech Trends Report
  • Team training: how new technology and customer service trainings need to be taught as technology grows on the fitness floor and in the back office 
  • The one thing that hasn’t changed in fitness: It's a "people" business
  • The club operator is busy with day to day operations, how do they create the time and inspiration to shift culture towards new technology in the club?
  • How to know who to trust for quality information in a busy digital world
  • Why Robert believes that focusing on educating staff, management, and club leaders to get 360 degree "buy in" is the most important first step of any map for technology integration and operational change 
  • What holds club operators back from using technology to create the time gaps for proactive team meetings that will foster productivity and connection.
  • Does a specific road map for change with fundamentals for integrating new technology in clubs? 
  • The mindset of club operators and fitness pros that will bring them all the success they desire
  • What separates the real, trustable relationships in the fitness industry from all the rest

Top 3 Takeaways From The Show

  • Some of the best input a club operator can ever receive from trainers and staff comes from an environment of transparency that is demonstrated from the top down. For any and all successful new technology integrations to work in a club, the enrollment conversation must happen from a place of collective feedback, not strong arm tactics. 
  • When it comes to new programs, operational policies, and technology systems to be effective and sustainable, all leadership must truly lead by their own example. Clear communication about the benefits to both staff and customers from any technology program initiatives must be demonstrated from all levels for success.
  • In a sometimes noisy digital world, Robert believes it is important to take the time to create meaningful, personal, and authentic relationships beyond just digital. Technology is growing exponentially in our space, and with that, the opportunity to create those trusted connections are now more open than ever before. 

Power Quotes From Robert 

"I don't like to ask someone to do something I'm not willing to do myself. Obviously, as we grow we can't be everywhere at the same time, but keeping this in mind makes you think about whether something is really that important." - Robert Dyer on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

"It's important to understand that it's not a competition between old and new or human vs. technology. It's seeing what the best answers are for our customers and their needs. There is no doubt in my mind that the fitness industry, either new or old school, are both going to have to adopt technology as we move forward." - Robert Dyer on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

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