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Apr 11, 2019

This week, on the Fitness + Technology podcast, Host Bryan O’Rourke welcomes Cory Brightwell, co-founder and CEO of Chuze Fitness, a low cost – high value business model that started in California and has expanded into multiple states. Cory has been in the company for over a decade, and he talks with us about hospitality and the challenges of technology adoption.

Mar 30, 2019

This week, on the Fitness + Technology podcast, Host Bryan O’Rourke welcomes Dean Giamundo, the national director of sales at Jonas Fitness, Inc., which recently joined the Fitness Industry Technology Council. Dean has a background in the technology industry and at Jonas Fitness he helps teach management and facility owners how to apply technology to the industry.

Mar 21, 2019

Host Bryan O'Rourke welcomes the Retention Guru, Dr. Paul Bedford, to the Fitness + Technology Podcast. Dr. Bedford is the leading expert on retention in the world, and they waste no time delving right into Paul's area of expertise. How do gyms and health clubs regard their members, how can they use technology and analytics to customize and enhance member experience, and how can they retain members while maximizing their bottom line? Paul, who is based in London, travels the world sharing his passion and keeping up with breaking industry trends, and we're glad for the opportunity to welcome his wisdom.

Mar 12, 2019

On this week's Fitness + Technology Podcast, host Bryan O'Rourke shares a webinar he presented to the International Council on Active Aging: “What are the future trends and current possibilities in technology.” Regular listeners will remember a recent podcast with Colin Milner, founder and CEO of the ICAA. Bryan spends time discussing technological breakthroughs in robotics and artificial intelligence and describes not only how technology is more relevant and beneficial to active agers than most people might realize, but also how these technological developments will provide further business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Feb 19, 2019

This week, on the Fitness + Technology Podcast, Host Bryan O'Rourke welcomes David Minton, founder and director of The Leisure Database Company, purveyors of customer profiles, market data and site analysis for the fitness industry . The pair speak to us from the Grand Majestic Hotel in Bologna, Italy, where they have just spoken on a panel at ForumClub entitled “New consumers, new tools, new businesses” with other industry leaders, and they share their key takeaways from this star-studded panel.

Feb 5, 2019

On this week's Fitness + Technology Podcast, Bryan discusses the Fitness Industry Technology Council's 2019 Tech Trend Report. Established in 2008 as a nonprofit membership organization, FIT-C's mission is to promote the responsible and effective adoption of technology in order to enhance user experience and improve business models for operators. Their annual trend report is a great way to keep an eye on the trends that will impact the market for years to come.

Jan 21, 2019

On this week's Fitness + Technology Podcast, Bryan welcomes veteran Australian fit-tech entrepreneur Deborah Goldberg to the podcast. Deborah came into the fitness industry ten years ago, with a focus of bringing Zumba to Australia, a nation with one of the world's worst obesity levels. Today, she works with AirFitness, designing tech products specifically for the fitness industry. She also launched Sub A Class, a free app that connects fitness instructors with one another to fill in or cover other instructor absences, as well as Morfis, an app that promotes business for fitness professionals.

Oct 31, 2018

This week, Bryan welcomes Australian fitness leader, Justin “JT” Tamsett, Managing Director of Active Management.  Bryan first interviewed JT seven and a half years ago, at the FILEX 2011 Fitness Convention in Sydney, Australia.  Despite the time that has elapsed, the pair find that many of the subjects they discussed then are still relevant today, from exploring ways to modernize the fitness industry, to how exercise can be used to tackle disease head-on, and why JT believes the fitness industry should come together to get people moving.

Oct 12, 2018

This week, Bryan welcomes to the podcast Sharad Mohan, co-founder and CEO of fitness company Trainerize. Founded in 2008 as a consumer fitness app, Trainerize has pivoted to become an industry
leader in fitness technology, allowing trainers to more easily find clients and provide them with custom meal plans, exercise routines, and much more. With three-hundred thousand active users and more than seventy-five thousand fitness businesses using Trainerize, Mohan shares his thoughts on what it takes to be successful and to truly engage with clients using technology in the fitness industry.

Sep 30, 2018

This week, Bryan serves as a panelist at CanFitPro's World Fitness Expo. He is joined by CEOs and other industry leaders to discuss the future of fitness technology. Discussion topics include how technology can be used to improve peoples’ lives and how it can be used to entice people to exercise and embrace wellness. The experts share their insights from decades of work in the field and what they believe the future holds for the industry.

Panelists include Bryan O'Rourke, CEO of Vedere Ventures and founder and CEO of Integerus;

Paul Bowman, CEO of Wexer Virtual; Mike Leveque, COO of MYZONE; John Ford, CEO of eGym North America; and Len Fridman, co-founder and CEO of WellnessLiving. Steve Groves, CIO & VP at GoodLife Fitness, hosts.

Sep 18, 2018

This week, on the Fitness + Technology podcast we welcome Rasmus Ingerslev, chatting to us from Stockholm, Sweden. He is the Chairman of REPEAT in addition to IHRSA and Executive Vice Chairman of Wexer. Co-founder of the Danish Fitness & Health Organization, Rasmas has been noted as one of Denmark’s top CEOs and has a formidable reputation in the global fitness + tech innovation space.

Building on Rasmus’s two decades in fitness entrepreneurship, REPEAT is the next generation of gym club. REPEAT is a urban brand designed with millennials in mind--more like a nightclub than a YMCA. It’s bigger and better than exercise; it’s about lifestyle--that, with world-class technology, seamlessly folds in with customers’ pre- and post-workout lives.

Aug 27, 2018

This week, on the Fitness + Technology podcast, Bryan O'Rourke welcomes Colin Milner, CEO of the International Council on Active Aging.  A leading expert on the health and well-being of older adults, Colin debunks myths surrounding the 50 and over crowd, particularly when it comes to tech savvy and their economic potential: Not only do adults over 50 make up half the number of all total adults, they also spend half of the money spent by adults altogether.

ICAA, in addition to challenging preconceived notions about aging, works to connect like-minded organizations and professionals who share the same beliefs. They are also the driving force behind Active Aging Week, which occurs during the last week of every September and encourages older adults to stay active, healthy and engaged.

Jun 28, 2018

In episode 69 we invite President and CEO of Athlete Intelligence, Jesse Harper to join the podcast and discuss his unique perspective on how IOT has impacted sports today.

Jesse has had numerous roles with Polar and within the fitness space. Now since 2012 he has been with Athlete Intelligence, the leading sports technology and data analytics company. In this episode we will discuss trends within athletics, data and coachable moments.

Athlete Intelligence focuses on athlete performance and safety with a particular focus on head injuries and concussions. With some hesitations to change, sports and coaches are starting to adopt the new technologies. These technologies and tools are still new to this industry so it can be challenging.

Listen in as Jesse shares his insights on the dynamic of athletic performance. Where the focus is today and where the industry will take it. What data is being collected and how it applies to their performance, safety and winning.



Jun 12, 2018

For episode 68 we are grateful to talk with the former Netpulse President and now CEO of eGym North America, John Ford.


We pick the brain of John and discuss what's happening in the industry, what does technology really mean, where are we going and what are the pain points and opportunities.


Most of the focus in our industry has been focused on the people that are already part of our facilities, but there hasn't been nearly enough focus on the other 80% of the population who aren't successful today with fitness or involved with a gym.


Listen in as John expresses his insights on technology and how it helps motivate those that are fit to get more fit and to get those that aren't fit today, fit. Simplicity for user experience is key and eGym has broken their workouts down to provide this experience in the most motivating way.


John shares his thoughts on the current key trends within the fitness space that will be keeping our eye out on! Thank you Mr. Ford for being such a valuable guest. See you at canfitpro.




May 30, 2018

On episode 67 we visit with the SVP of Partner Relations at ABC Financial and FIT-C Board Member, Kelly Card.

What is the gap or opportunity of terms like data? Kelly shares her views on data and how data is coming into the fitness industry. It has operators frozen in fear so what can we do to work together to utilize these tools and create tangible business results?

Operators are getting an incredible opportunity to utilize data for the first time to create a new and exciting experience for their customers. Listen in as Kelly explains how we use this data to create actions.

There are challenges that come with opportunity. Technology solutions and integration can be tough but if it's cohesive for the member, can create a phenomenal experience.

Data and the new era of designing an experience for the member bring light to the process. Kelly shares her insights on how these can be applied to your own operations and cater to your own brand. 


May 17, 2018

On episode 66 we invite both Jessie Ehren and Al Marez to join the podcast as we recap one of the worlds largest fitness convention, EuropeActive and FIBO 2018.

Human Capital (the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization) was the topic of this year's EuropeActive event and the perfect relation to Jessie's professional experiences.

Jessie, a consultant within the fitness industry, highlights the benefits in attending EuropeActive, a non-for-profit organization representing the whole of the European health and fitness sector in Brussels. The European health & fitness sector serves over 60 million consumers, generates 26.6 billion Euro in revenues, employs 650,000 people, and consists of 59,055 facilities. An experience to connect, learn and network with some of the most influential leaders in the fitness industry.

FIBO, the leading international trade show for fitness, wellness and health is an expo for sports, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. The event deals with over thousands of dealers, manufacturers, distributors and buyers.

Al, COO of VertiMax, provides some information on the VertiMax product and education and takes time to express the importance of having a presence within your international markets. Along with being part of the new innovations from around the world at FIBO.

May 2, 2018

For episode 65 we invite Dave Tillman to join the podcast and discuss service automation and how Service Channel's new partnership with Ecofit can explore a whole new level of customer support.

What's going to separate the guru genius brands from others, execution engines. Collection of data, enterprise platforms, automation (AI) and human capital will be key differentiators. 

Listen in as David shares the experiences that other industries have implemented and how it has created efficient operations and reduce costs for their businesses. Along with IOT providing data for owners to better manage their customer experience.

Apr 6, 2018

For episode 64 we recap IHRSA 2018 and listen in to the Round Table discussion on Artificial Intelligence - The Future is Here.

The round table panel consisted of Jeff VanDixhorn, Bryan K. O'Rourke and Victor Belfor while moderated by Delphine Carter and sponsored by Daxko

Listen as the panel shares their thoughts on AI. Where has Artificial Intelligence come from, how does it relate to today's world and where is it going in the near future. AI is here, what does this mean to your business and how will you adjust? Use the tools to customize your business and keep your connections personal and scaleable.

Enjoy the listen to the live Round Table from IHRSA 2018!


Mar 13, 2018

For episode 63 we sit down with CEO of Motosumo, Kresten Juel Jensen.

Technology in the Group Fitness space has recently been a big trend. How do we address the challenges in this space and address the changes?
Group Fitness has the potential to create a community where members stay with a facility for years. There is a whole new level to this community and engagement that fitness technology can provide.
Catering to the variety of goals to those that attend classes is challenging. On Episode 63 we discuss how you can individualize, personalize or identify the common drivers that all groups have to motivate them and get them to come back. Kresten explains how we use the data to get that effect through technology in the most positive and successful manner.

About Motosumo

Motosumo is one network connecting people participating in group training. One that makes people come back and invite others to adopt the good habit of training together.

2018 will be yet a very interesting year with the recent investment round fueling the growth of Motosumo in Europe and US as the first mobile only service connecting every participant in group training. In a real time. A unique combination of coaching, gaming, and social network. Available to any gym, independent of hardware.
For bikes and equipment without sensors, Motosumo is the first application in the World to use the built-in motion sensors of the phone to compute all relevant training metrics.

Feb 28, 2018

For episode 62 we sit down with Co-Founder of Moon Mission Media, Brandi Bergeron.

As a Social Media Practitioner, Digital Business Strategist and Marketing Enthusiast Brandi helps people, businesses and brands develop and promote elevated marketing messages to engage, delight and convert current and future clients.

There are changes in the social world and we need to think about how we adjust. Facebook threw us a curve and Brandi has a new outlook on the process.

Listen in to learn and understand what relates to today's world in the social media and marketing industry. Don't undervalue engagement.  Just because you are on social media, are you actually maximizing your time with people and conversations you want your business to be a part of? Engage, connect and listen.

Thanks Brandi for being such a wonderful thought leader, mentor and insightful guest! 

Feb 19, 2018

For episode 61 we pick the brain of Area General Manager and Director of Sales and Marketing at West Wood Clubs and IHRSA Board Member, Alan Leach.

Alan is a regular speaker and presenter on sales and marketing for top business organizations around the world. Listen and learn how you can invest and make a difference in your members' fitness experiences. Also, learn what good marketing and bad marketing means in our industry. Don't loose hindsight of the original principles behind marketing. 

Marketing is not just advertising, it is everything you do.

Thank you Alan for bring such insightful thoughts to our listeners!


Feb 8, 2018

For episode 60 we catch up with CEO of Discover Strength, Luke Carlson. We were honored with his time at ChinaFIT and look forward to the future connections with such young talented man.

Listen in as we discuss the Chinese market and the technology implementations Luke uses at Discover Strength.

We thank Luke for his time and appreciate his insights.

Jan 24, 2018

On today's episode, we talk IHRSA 2018 and share Bryan K. O'Rourke's presentation from last year's presentation, "Poised for Expansion. The Future of the Fitness Industry."

Listen in as as Bryan discusses key trends that are impacting the industry and laying the ground work for 300% growth in the near future for the industry space. Consumer trends, technology trends, economic trends and globalism and how these things will converge to create a much larger market place then today.

The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) is the fitness industry's only global trade association. IHRSA represents over 10,000 for profit health and fitness facilities and over 650 supplier companies in 71 countries. IHRSA's mission is to grow, protect and promote the health and fitness industry, and to provide its members with benefits that will help them be more successful.

The IHRSA 2018 Convention & Trade Show will be held in San Diego, CA, March 21-14, 2018. You can find out more at


Jan 11, 2018

For episode 58 we catch up with CEO of Anytime Fitness, Chuck Runyon. A great discussion around his recent book titled "Love Work" and how to create a high performance culture within the workforce.


As a leader or influencer, we are looking to help shake our culture to make it the best place, work. Go to work happy, leave work gratified.

"You should never have to miss life's most important moments."

Ask yourself, do you know what your employee value proposition is? Learn how to create and implement this value prop by listen to this episode with our dear friend, Chuck Runyon.

Dec 5, 2017

For episode 57 we're exploring the dynamic world of sports science at the crossroads of technology with Emmy award-winning writer and the author of "Unplugged," Phil White.

In this podcast we're talking about the connections between mindfulness and technology when it comes to breathing, eating, moving, sleeping, and exercising including the relationship of health club and fitness facilities and devices.

We also learn from Phil about the importance of what he calls having a "white belt mentality" when it comes to both fitness and technology, and why he believes that technology's best use case in fitness is to identify a movement fault that is potentially harmful to a client, know what the correct solution is, and to have the client implement that solution.

For successful coaches and trainers, we uncover why fitness technology must only be a tool in a professional's toolbox to help inform, educate, and increase self-awareness to get a client to a place where they are actually independent and no longer need that technology.

When it comes to sports science being fueled by technology, what are the real game changers and the most important aspects of consciously applied devices and software to truly support and uplift the human inside and outside the club? 

The answer to that question and much more takeaways for club owners, operators, and fitness pros in this episode with Phil white.

About The Book: Unplugged: Evolve from Technology to Upgrade Your Fitness, Performance, & Consciousness

In the first quarter of 2016, Americans bought 19.7 million fitness wearables, an increase of 67 percent over the previous year. By 2020, the global market for fitness-focused apps and devices is expected to grow to $30 billion. This means that more than ever, we’re looking at our wrists not only to check the time, but also to see how much we’ve moved, monitor our heart rate, and see how we’re stacking up against yesterday’s tallies.

As a result of our fitness tech addiction, we’ve lost awareness of what we’re doing, how we’re feeling, and what’s going on around us. This is bad enough in the gym, but when we get outside, the constant checking of a tiny screen truly wreaks havoc, downgrading what should be a rich experience into yet another task we need to complete to meet our daily goals. And if we fall short, we feel inadequate. There’s also the issue of data inaccuracy, with many device makers now admitting that their gadgets provide only estimates. So why do we continue to obsess over data and treat it as gospel truth?   

It’s time to stop, take a breath, and hit the reset button in a big way. Unplugged provides a blueprint for using technology to meet your health and performance goals in a much smarter way, while reconnecting to your instincts and the natural world. In addition to sharing the performance expertise of Brian Mackenzie and the scientific insight of Dr. Andy Galpin, Unplugged features exclusive stories and advice from elite athletes and world-renowned experts like Laird Hamilton, Tim Ferriss, Kai Lenny, Kelly Starrett, Steven Kotler, Erin Cafaro, Lenny Wiersma, Dr. Frank Merritt, and Brandon Rager.

About Phil White

Phil White is an Emmy-nominated writer who frequently contributes to The Inertia, SUP the Mag and Canoe & Kayak. He is the co-author, with Dr. Kelly Starrett, of the forthcoming books Flight Plan and Waterman 2.0, and is also collaborating on Game Changer with University of Michigan football performance director Dr. Fergus Connolly and Bridging the Gap with Sue Falsone, the first female athletic head trainer in Major League sports. His other books include Whistle Stop, which Larry King said, “I can’t put down,” and Our Supreme Task, which The Times Literary Supplement called “Illuminating.”

About "Game Changer" 

As the rewards for winning have increased, it’s no surprise that sports team budgets have followed suit. Sure, the athletic program at the University of Texas brought in $161 million last year, but the Longhorns also spent $154 million over the same period. Fifteen other college athletics program also racked up over $100 million in annual expenses. But that’s child’s play compared to the outgoings at the world’s most valuable soccer team, Manchester United, which spent more than $500 million in 2015. 

The trouble is that all this spending often fails to yield better results. Teams in all sports have tried just about every gimmick to “hack” their way to better performance. But as they’ve gotten stuck in stats, mired in backroom politics, and diverted by the facilities arms race, many have lost sight of what should’ve been their primary focus all along: the game itself. 

In Game Changer, Fergus Connolly shows how to improve performance with evidence-based analysis and athlete-focused training. Through his unprecedented experiences with teams in professional football, basketball, rugby, soccer, Aussie Rules, and Gaelic football, as well as with elite military units, Connolly has discovered how to break down the common elements in all sports to their basic components so that each moment of any game can be better analyzed, whether you’re a player or a coach. The lessons of game day then can be used to create valuable learning experiences in training, evaluate the quality of your team’s performance, and home in on what’s working and what isn’t. 

Game Changer also shows you how to expand training focus from players' physical qualities to also advance athletes technically, tactically, and psychologically. His TTPP Model not only helps players continually progress but also stops treating them like a disposable commodity and instead prioritizes athlete health.

Listen To Episode 057 As Phil Uncovers

  • Why Phil partnered with Coach Fergus Connolly to write Game Changer
  • Why when it comes to fitness technology Phil believes that for bio hacking or any "hacks" are only a short-term solution and are not sustainable for a life of health
  • Understanding the white belt mentality: being humble in your service and growth in a career
  • Training: RPE rate of perceived exertion vs. MEPS or HRV
  • Why Phil believes one of the most important coaching aspects for trainers is to stop trying to reduce everything to the physical
  • Exploring the Technical, Tactical, Psychological and Physical aspects of Game Changer
  • Quantitative vs. Contextual when we view the lens of fitness technology 
  • The Six Laws of Winning: 
    • The Law of Knowledge
    • The law of Human Superiority
    • The Law of Intensity & Quality
    • The Law of Individualization
    • The Law of Preparation 
    • The Law of Support 
  • Actionable steps for club owners, operators, and fitness professionals around technology and members
  • The role of emotional intelligence in the age of exponential technology
  • Going back to the basics: eating, moving, breathing, sleeping, human connection with specialized training
  • Why successful fitness trainers and clubs will encapsulate technology into a wellness ecosystem rather than just being fitness specific
  • What Phil beliefs about college athletics that transferred to the fitness industry in both monetary concern and client care
  • Parting guidance for owners and operators in 2018

Top 3 Takeaways From The Show

  • Emotional intelligence is becoming a more valuable skill set every day in a world of fitness technology and a growing dependency that some coaches may fall into with too much of a focus on the actual device, rather than cuing their client for movement and behavior. Phil believes that with the right amount of mindfulness, fitness pros and coaches can use fitness tech as a tool for cueing, learning, and sensing instead of as a taskmaster that stresses them out.
  • Understanding the six laws of winning in the fitness industry and in athletics, when we look at the segment of human superiority, Phil believes that fitness and coaching has always been and will continue to always be a truly shoulder to shoulder personal endeavor. While technology can support behaviors virtually along with concierge coaching, the most important part of your facility's approach for the client entering a relationship with a trainer to be a win is that there must be a focus on human superiority in contrast to technology.
  • Phil believes that we all must "major in the majors" in order for health club members and personal training clients to achieve the real transformation their paying for. The law of individualization states that highly effective winners can't be mass-produced in a short training cycle, and in that same regard, no matter where our industry rides the wave of exponential tech in 2018, what's most important is that we always remember the basics of eating, moving, sleeping, breathing, and human connection. These must be uplifted by the tech we use, and in this world of distraction the fitness industry has an incredible responsibility on its shoulders: to give our millions of members worldwide a trusted space to practice those basics and never forget no matter how much technology grows to keep the human as the master rather than the servant.

Power Quotes From Phil White

"It's not enough to have quantitative analysis through a fitness device unless you are putting it into a behavioral and environmental context."  - Phil White on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

"Technology's best use case in fitness is to identify a movement fault that is potentially harmful to a client, know what the correct solution is, and then have the client implement that solution. For best success, you use fitness technology only as a tool in your toolbox to help inform, educate, and increase self-awareness to get your client to a place where they are independent and no longer need that technology." - Phil White on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

Resources Mentioned From Phil White

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