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Dec 6, 2016

Greg Skloot is an entrepreneur building technology for the fitness industry. As VP of Growth at Netpulse, Greg leads sales, customer success, marketing and operations for the #1 provider of mobile apps for health clubs. He splits time between San Francisco and visiting club operators all over the world, helping them leverage mobile to grow their businesses. Prior to joining Netpulse, Greg was Co-founder and CEO of, where he raised $3M in VC funding and led a team of 30 employees. Greg is a frequent author and speaker about marketing and digital strategy. He is the author of several ebooks, including, a popular online guide to sales and marketing. He holds a B.S. from Northeastern University, where he sits on the Alumni Board.


Listen To Episode 003 As Greg Uncovers 

  • The three categories of mobile value and strategy are needed for today's fitness club market
  • What new technology is driving mobile usage inside and outside the 4 walls of the health club
  • Why 1 out of every 4 pizzas that Domino's sells is via mobile
  • How to use "reward" points to meet the new consumer at their deepest need inside and outside the club 
  • Why Greg's passion for fitness and technology started when he was 14
  • How to get more "eyeballs" on your channel
  • Consumer evolution and trends for the Generation Z in the fitness industry 
  • Why most consumers look at their phone over 100 times per day
  • How to meet the consumer of the next 2-3 years on their phones 
  • A day in the life of a Generation Z club member
  • Understanding the boomer generation and their digital literacy 
  • Using mobile to increase club sales and lower attrition 
  • How mobile technology is giving the health and fitness industry the ability to reach more members than ever before


Top 3 Takeaways From The Show

  • Owners, operators, and trainers need to work together in satisfying the three categories of mobile and digital strategy:
    • Operations: checkins, schedules, sign ups, maps and amenities  
    • Engagement: interact and bring value to supporting the member's fitness journey via syncing wearables, loyalty programs, and rewards inside and outside the club 
    • Marketing: driving member referral, up-sells, promotions and general communication 
  • Apps and wearables are now the consumer norm: As clubs, the focus in 2017 needs to be on training staff to meet the technology demands of the new members. 
  • Successful clubs stay open to change: looking for new ways to reach members and what tools they can use to deliver added value. Digital training is changing the landscape for the fitness floor and will give trainers the ability to scale their business beyond the traditional model while opening up the door to allowing more members to get the benefits.


Power Quotes From Greg

 "We are in the midst of an incredible revolution in business models. Industries that have operated the same way for decades are being wildly disrupted by new startups that are thinking differently." - Greg Skloot on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

"The savvy operator is going to understand how to use technology as a powerful accelerant to their marketing programs, to their referral strategy, and to their member retention and engagement." Greg Skloot on the Fitness + Technology Podcast


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