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Jun 27, 2017

On episode 34 we're taking a 360° look with the VP of Sales for Power Plate, Craig Bradley, at how technology is impacting new training methods in the fitness industry. If you've been curious about whole body vibration training and how this technology along with many others is now changing both the group and one-on-one training experience, you're in the right place.

But were not just talking about the Power Plate on today's show, we're also learning about the impact of new technology in the primary vertical markets, including real direct to consumer, blue-chip clubs, medical, and active aging segments, where Craig explains what he believes the next 24 months hold in both opportunities and growth potential for all fitness professionals.

Craig also presents a handful of controversial ideas around exercise adherence and turns the personal training model upside down, as he shares about a pilot test in one of his former clubs where they gave away personal training, and how it actually earned more revenue for the club than when they charged. 

What are the various training methods we're seeing rise up in our space, fueled by new technologies?

The answers to those questions and much more takeaways for club owners, operators, and fitness professionals right here, right now with Craig Bradley.

About Craig Bradley

Craig Bradley is the VP of Sales for Power Plate and Performance Health Systems. As a global business professional capable of blending sales and marketing skills with operational expertise to grow profits, Craig has a reputation for reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction in the fitness industry. With a vast understanding of the global market, Craig has deep expertise in the relationships between fiduciary responsibility and the value of diversity across multiple verticals.

Listen To Episode 034 As Craig Uncovers

  • What is whole body vibrational training
  • Understanding the new training methods using technology
  • Craig's vantage on the primary vertical markets in fitness:
    • Real direct to consumer
    • Commercial fitness space: elite professional, NFL, NBA, S&C
    • Blue Chip Clubs: Equinox, Lifetime
    • Active aging space
    • Medical space
  • Understanding the Power Plate: vibrational platform that essentially helps the consumer prepare faster, perform better, and recover quicker for exercise by stimulating the natural reflexes, increasing muscle activation, and improving circulation
  • Why more and more options exist now for the home user like Peloton, Daily Burn, and Power Plate
  • Why fitness consumers and members of gyms are supplementing what they do in the club with activities at work or home
  • How will the role of trainers will shift as new training methods rise up
  • The role of empathy for personal trainers combined with technology
  • Why Craig believes that being in a management position actually is a popularity contest, regardless of conventional thinking around the role of this position
  • What Craig believes that the next 12-24 months (trends) will create in our space

Top 3 Takeaways From The Show

  • Craig reminds us about the important of fitness professionals to practicing emotional intelligence, combined with technology will be in the digital world ahead. The reality is that many fitness pros are gym rats, and they love being in the gym to work out. But the clients they work with don't always share that same mindset. The long-term behavior change strategies from trainers (that want to serve their clients where they actually are) must include smarter touch points through cloud-based accountability and proven behavior change models.
  • Vibrational training is currently proving to be a revenue booster for small group training where novelty and individualized programming are valued most. We're also seeing the medical and active aging space rapidly adopt vibrational training due to its benefits and low impact for people who suffer with chronic conditions. Smart clubs and small group training facilities are taking a bigger look at vibrational training in 2017.
  • Craig believes that combining member club usage data with the data sets outside the four walls is the future of fitness and represents a major opportunity in both revenue and customer service. Imagine what omni-channel and omnipresence experience could be delivered to our members if we could contextualize their data in and out of the facility; tailored to give them the right message at the right time based on how they actually live.

Power Quotes From Craig

"Make it fun. I think the more you can engage and coach folks in a fun environment, the more adherence you'll see. There is a reason why most of the fitness brands that are more 'party, playful, and fun' in their orientation do extremely well, and that's the area that I would try and encourage operators to explore."  -  Craig Bradley on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

"I think diet is the big opportunity for fitness operators out there. What people put in their body is obviously more important than what they do with their body, and I see that as a huge opportunity. Obviously there are diet subscriptions and apps now, but if fitness companies can find a solution whereby they offer a diet solution to their subscriber base, this is a massive opportunity." - Craig Bradley on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

Resources Mentioned From Craig

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