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Apr 25, 2017

With the creation of UA Record and the major acquisitions of Endomondo, My Fitness Pal, and Map My Fitness, the most connected fitness community on the planet with over 200 million active users actually started out in the garment industry and not in technology. But what does the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent every year by large organizations around gathering the fitness data from end users really mean to the health clubs and fitness facilities across our space?

"Data is the new oil," as the CEO of Under Armour, Kevin Plank, mentioned at this year's CES conference, and the truth behind that quote stems from the rising tide of new opportunities in both monetization and customer service that are now powerfully being delivered through digital service models that the fitness industry is starting to wake up to.

Today on the podcast, we're learning from Dan McDonogh, the Senior Manager of Performance Training for Under Armour about the swell of data that is shifting the way some of the largest brands are reaching customers, how it's being tracked, and what this means to the coaches, trainers, and operators in our industry.

If you've been curious to understand both the end-user commitment cycles and how major companies are using technology integrated into smart garments and in future digital coaching models, this episode is sure to give you the insights and the peek behind the curtain to the mindset and strategies of the largest connected fitness ecosystem on the planet so that you can start applying and researching what options make sense for your fitness business.

With over a decade in the fitness industry working with some of the most revered brands in our space, Dan brings a unique set of skills to both digital and OTG projects that stem from not only his degree in Recreation Sports Management at Mount Royal College, but also from being an actor in his youth. 

After graduating from Mount Royal University, Dan pursued his passion for fitness and cycling becoming an avid educator instructor and trainer specializing in fitness for youth and adults. Dan was selected as the 2012 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the year and he also spearheaded the rooster racing team, a global not for profit organization promoting Charity Through Fitness.

Listen To Episode 024 As Dan Uncovers

  • Why Dan believes that technology doesn't replace fitness pros and used properly will amplify
  • How Dan's acting and presentation skills helped him transition from TRX to UA
  • The role of human connection and how that relates to technology 
  • Why Dan believes we must "learn before you teach not teach before you learn"
  • Key advice to not take anything for face value, and to ask questions and dig deeper 
  • Understanding the four key segments of digital technology users in regards to fitness applications
  • The 4 segments of consumer needs: feel better, look better, perform better, and win
  • Dan's vantage point on using connected fitness in combination with a FTF connection 
  • How connected fitness apps are being used for lifestyle changes in over 200 million users 
  • Why the end user must commit to giving a connected fitness application at least two weeks of consistent baseline data to establish further actionable steps towards healthy living
  • Why all of the major companies in the apparel and sports equipment sectors are moving to technology integrated into smart garments 
  • The use of apps and technology out there that can help a trainer assess someone's movement
  • Dan's takeaways for club operators and trainers for using connected fitness in 2017 and beyond 

Top 3 Takeaways From The Show

  • Dan believes that bridging the gap between collected fitness data and truly helping fitness professionals understand how to learn new systems and understand how to successfully use a digital product, there must a strong focus on education, both online and in person through live events. In order for new digital systems to grow roots and take hold, there will always need to be live versions of training for fitness pros in our digital world. 
  • With mass data collection for the fitness industry through wearables, smart garments, smart shoes and any other tech that will touch the bodies and the lives of our customers in the future, we must first understand from an operator and coaching standpoint, the habits and the authentic behaviors of the end user. If we choose to use technology, combined with movement assessments and tracking the customer's activity, incredible results can follow.
  • Connected fitness program success takes commitment from both the end user, the facility, and coach. Dan suggests using a two week period of continuous tracking upfront for a quality baseline around the lifestyle of the customer. This is where all change begins. Whether using a wearable, heart rate monitor, or simply a mobile device, technology must be baked in to both new member integrations as well as the ecosystem of the club and training approach. Successful fitness professionals of today and the future must apply the rule of consistency, both in person, in sessions, and outside the 4 walls of the club in order to produce tangible and long term results.

Power Quotes From Dan

"The message that I relay to anyone within the industry is to learn before you teach not teach before you learn. So before you go out and start speaking about something, you really need to know the in's and out's of everything you're going to be speaking on. Before you make product, nutrition, or technology advice to clients, you must first understand how it works. At the end of the day, that credibility will always come back to you."  - Dan McDonogh on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

"When we're trying to give insights to over 200 million users across our UA platforms, there's no way we can be both intimate and diagnostic with every single one of those people, however, there are fundamental things we can do to filter information that pertains to the each end user's unique goals." - Dan Dan McDonogh on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

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