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Mar 14, 2017

Mac Gambill is the co-founder and CEO of Nudge, LLC. As the CEO, Mac wears many hats, but his primary roles consist of business development, fundraising, and sales. In his time with Nudge, the company has been recognized as finalists in programs such as RVA Companies to Watch and the Chattanooga Technology Council's Early Innovator Award. Mac was recognized by CIT as being a GAP 50 Finalist, which identified Virginia entrepreneurs most likely to build the next generation of tech companies in the state.

In Q1, 2015 Nudge launched a complementary platform for health coaches, called Nudge Coach, that leverages the Nudge technology to streamline the coaching process and help coaches better manage larger client populations. Nudge has also launched Nudge+Coach, introducing an on-demand coaching network to complement the mobile health ecosystem, allowing consumers to combine the benefits of their wearables data with a real-life health coach.

Listen To Episode 018 As Mac Uncovers

  • Why we are seeing that specific apps and devices are becoming critical tools in both client and patient healthcare management care models
  • How to take these great devices out there and tie them into client care models so that we can increase revenue and also the health outcomes of individuals
  • How Nudge Coach is supporting the disruption and transformation of the role of personal training into coaching for the fitness industry  
  • How digital health coaching and virtual health coaching models can help give trainers and club owners their time back while also serving more clients towards better health
  • Understanding the 3 core issues for using wearables in the fitness industry:
    1. Data access
    2. Data intelligence
    3. Seamless virtual coaching
  • Uncovering "collaborative care" and the convergence of fitness and health care, both in the private side of healthcare, whether it’s concierge medical groups with membership models or fitness pros collaborating with healthcare professionals
  • How wearables and virtual wellness services for healthcare and wellness providers complement the consumer UI/UX and deliver a better healthcare experience across the board
  • How to use wearables, email marketing, and virtual coaching together in lead capture strategies

Top 3 Takeaways From The Show 

  • What we can now do with digital offerings and digital models that a lot of businesses are interested in is tap into audiences that are outside driving distance from the club. With mobile health, clubs can not only extended their business reach outside the four walls, but also dramatically increase their target audience - which yields greater financial success while helping more people in their health and wellness. 
  • Mac believes that the data is showing the collaborative care model is growing, with the convergence of fitness and health care, both in the private side with concierge medical groups with membership models and also by fitness pros collaborating with healthcare professionals to create a new environment around the consumer and the client.
  • Mobile health technology in and out of the fitness industry is already changing lives and poised for growth. Mac believes that mobile health is a large piece of the puzzle, but what needs to occur to use this technology for a healthier world is the rise of the tech enabled fitness professional who uses strategic communication with their clients. The data is great, but data without contextualized feedback is just not effective. 

Power Quotes From Mac

"We are approaching the day and age where fitness pros realize it does not have to be either them or the device. I think in the past that professionals might’ve been skittish about digital health and seen it as competition, but what were seeing now is this marriage is coming together." -  Mac Gambill on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

"Collaborative care is growing and were starting to see the convergence of fitness and health care, both in the private side of healthcare with concierge medical groups with membership models and also fitness professionals collaborating with healthcare professionals to create a new environment around the consumer and the client." - Mac Gambill on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

“Being the founder of a technology company, I know we build some really great things, but at the end of the day the value is really provided by the professional. In as much as I want to say our technology is going to change lives, I know we are just a part of the puzzle. What we now know needs to occur is the tech enabled professional who uses strategic communication. Data is great, but data without contextualized feedback is just not effective. - Mac Gambill on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

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