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Feb 21, 2017

With the swell of technology growth in or industry, what does the IOT mean for fitness in 2017? Listen to Michael Piermont and Dave Johnson from ECOFIT Networks uncover the details in this featured episode.

Michael Piermont has been starting businesses since he was 7 years old and is a consummate “connector.” Prior to starting amSTATZ, an app for personal trainers and their clients, Michael was the VP of Business Development for GoHealth, an internet marketplace for buying and selling health insurance. Since amSTATZ, Michael has co-founded FANCHEST, a subscription gift box company for sports fans. Currently, he is the CEO of ECOFIT Inc, one of Vedere Venture's portfolio companies.

As the CEO of ECOFIT, the industry leader in networking cardio fitness equipment, Michael supports a technology solution for club operators to help maximize their club floor space.

The foundation of their ECOFIT system is a specialized wireless technology enabling extreme equipment densities with cross brand compatibility. Building on this foundation, Micheal and the team have used ECOFIT technology to respond to the industry need for an enterprise level cross brand cardio management solution.

This closed system allows viewing the health of all your cardio equipment from anywhere which gives club operators deep analytics to help better manage purchasing decisions that are based on real and relevant data through one platform that works with all of your cardio brands, old and new. 

Listen To Episode 014 As Michael Uncovers

  • What does the IOT mean for the fitness industry in 2017
  • When big data is useful and when it's not for operators 
  • How Michael took his skills in data analytics from working in the NBA to the insurance industry, and then to fitness
  • Why always on connected devices are changing the digital landscape for fitness and our collective society
  • Why the IOT will never replace a personal trainer
  • What happens when trainers and club owners start using big data and the IOT for better client results on the gym floor and around al club amenities 
  • What is the benefit of geo-targeting and using real time data from the IOT for clubs
  • How some clubs in Chicago are using the IOT to run 100% automated health clubs right now
  • Saving floor space, cycling gym equipment, and adding to the bottom line using the IOT
  • How technology can be used got automate the boring tasks that big down health club staff 
  • Understanding predictive analytics: the branch of data mining concerned with the prediction of future probabilities and trends. Essentially, it is the predictor of variables that can be measured for an individual or other entity to predict future behavior. 

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Tune In @ 31:53 For Our Second Featured Guest: Dave Johnson 


During the last 4 years Dave Johnson have been operating in a development role at ECOFIT Networks. With a deep background in both fitness and technology, Dave brings a substantial knowledge of connected fitness to the industry both inside and outside club walls.

During his time working with ECOFIT Dave has have helped build the industry's open network wireless platform and has come to understand this space and the requirements of delivering a successful networked strategy.

Before ECOFIT, Dave was a representative for many leading equipment manufacturers developing strong commercial sales channels to military and government organizations across Canada. His time in the fitness industry has created very close senior-level relationships with major equipment manufacturers and fitness facilities alike.

Dave is also the owner and operator of West Coast Recreation, which provides amateur and professional sporting events to thousands of fitness enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest since 1994. 

Listen To Episode 014 As Dave Uncovers

  • What does cardio and fitness equipment intelligence mean for operators?
  • How is ECOFIT helping club owners run a more profitable business by tracking commercial fitness equipment usage
  • How sensor technology connected to a gateway can reach up to 600 feet even for busy big box clubs
  • Why In order to help you identify which metrics to measure, we’ve highlighted the top 5 metrics that are most important in analyzing your gym’s success and profitability.
  • How to use cardio and fitness equipment technology to maximize profit of your health club floor space
  • Understanding how to use smart cardio tracking in a closed system to increase member satisfaction and retention
  • Why the profitability of your health club will be made or lost in the details of you club operations
  • How test pilots of ECOFIT with @4 Hour Fitness, Crunch, and other top brands are using smart cardio and fitness equipment intelligence in 2017
  • Dave's ethos for the co-founding ECOFIT after years of work in recreation and fitness and more 

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