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Feb 14, 2017

For episode 13 we’re coming to the end of our featured series, LIVE from #CES2017 at the #FitTechCES summit bringing the top speakers and brands from Las Vegas right to your audio player. 

From heart rate to gamification, nutrition tracking and beyond, this episode is highlighting the cutting edge of innovation and product development for fitness in the new year. 

Our first guest is Michael Herlihy, the Regional Account Manager at Polar Electro. A lot of athletes and coaches around the world know Polar for the heart rate sensors that made it famous since 1977, but over the past few years, we’ve seen some incredible products for lifestyle and health and wellness come out from Polar.

On this podcast we're learning from one of the most famous companies in our industry about advanced training with wearable technology. With a recent partnership teaming up with Les Mills to create a fitter and healthier planet, you’ll learn about the virtual and cloud-based fitness tracking systems and devices that will bring meaning and relevancy to your club’s bottom line.  

You’ll definitely want to stay tuned for our second feature guest Kevin McCoy from Lose It! 

With early success from a 2008 partnership with Apple and over a million downloads in their first year, Kevin is sharing wth us why what started out as the most successful calorie tracker application became a comprehensive and gamified health program. we’’ll a;also discover the strategy behind how losit is making mindful eating accessible to all people- inside the fitness industry and globally.


Listen To Episode 013 As Michael Uncovers

  • What lead to the rise of Polar's success from 1977 to 2017
  • What is Polar's ecosystem for remote and virtual coaching feature named “Polar Flow For Coach” 
  • Why Polar and Les Mills have teamed up to create a fitter and healthier planet
  • What devices are advanced training companions for professional and devoted athletes who want to reach their peak performance.
  • Why Michael believes that anyone can make a watch in 2017, but what differentiates Polar in a crowded market
  • What should trainers and club operators and owners be on the lookout for in the next 12 months from Polar for the blending of meaningful data and advanced fitness technology
  • How virtual coaching with wearables are creating new opportunities in the fitness industry 
  • With this new technology, what has Michael seen change and what are the key aspects of what hasn't
  • What programs combined with wearables will add to the bottomline for a club 

Power Quote From Michael

"To be honest, anybody can build a watch. It's hard however to develop a system that actually allows you to analyze information that's beneficial to you. It's great that you walked those 10,000 steps today but what does that mean for you physically? That is really how we separate ourselves from the competition by delivering the precise analysis that we can provide to the user." - Michael Herlihy on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

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Tune in @ 17:51 to hear from our featured guest, Kevin McCoy 

Kevin McCoy is the SVP of Business Development at Lose It! and is sharing with us how from early success in 2008 in partnership with Apple and over a million downloads in their first year, why what started out as the most successful calorie tracker application became a comprehensive and gamified health program. Kevin is also also discussing the strategy behind how Lose It! is making mindful eating accessible to all people, both inside the fitness industry and globally.

Kevin joined Lose It! in 2009 and leads all strategic partnerships for the company including corporate sponsorships, technology partners, health professionals and coaches and affiliates. Kevin works with all of Lose It's partners and potential partners to ensure the brand is the right fit for Lose It! and the members. His key focus is working with well-aligned partners where the partnership brings value to their members and helps them along their journey of living a healthier life.

From Josh Trent's discussion in 2016 with Charles Teague, CEO of Lose It! you'll learn the new changes over the past year for the award-winning application that now serves over 3 million people a month and which helped it's users lose over 45 million pounds on the platform.

Listen To Episode 013 As Kevin Uncovers

  • Why smart nutrition tracking is changing the landscape of fitness, diet, and health in the digital age
  • What coaches and clients really wanted and needed for digital health coaching and virtual coaching to be a win-win
  • Kevin's personal journey since 2009 with Lose It! and his ethos behind the company
  • What health and wellness coaches be on the lookout for in the next 12 months from LoseIt! for the blending of meaningful data and advanced fitness technology
  • What Kevin has learned as a member of the Consumer Technology Association - Health & Fitness Technology Board
  • The framework behind the new feature Snap It uses the most advanced image recognition technology to deliver the best food tracking experience in the world
  • Why Lose it! worked with data scientists to create a revolutionary tool called Snap It where the user can literally take a photo of their nutrition and it uploads to the cloud
  • Understanding how machine learning can help log nutrients in an accurate and easy way for users globally
  • Hurdles that Lose It! has overcome on the way to success in this market

Power Quote From Kevin

"We're always focused on making mindful eating accessible to people, and tracking your food we know is the best way to actually lose weight, but has difficulty. When we originally started Lose It!, we knew we could make it easier to make people figure out what healthy food they wanted to eat." - Kevin McCoy on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

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