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Jan 10, 2017

For over 20 years, Ted Vickey has immersed himself in fitness technology. Starting as the Executive Director of the White House Athletic Center through his fitness consulting company, FitWell, and continuing with his latest project as a Ph.D. researcher on Social Networking and Exercise at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Ted has proven to be an early adopter and advocate in technical systems and their applicability to fitness. 

Ted believes we can take advantage of technology to not only motivate individuals across the globe to get out the door and move, but to be in closer contact with healthcare providers. 

He is an emeritus member of the Board of Directors for the American Council on Exercise and has consulted with key organizations such as the Department of Commerce, the Securities and Exchange Commission, Fruit of the Loom, TSA and more. By education he is an Exercise Scientist, by experience an Entrepreneur, and by passion a Connector. 

Listen To Episode 008 As Ted Uncovers

  • Why major wearable technology organizations are investing in and creating digital wellness programs for 2017  
  • What inspired Ted's Tedx Talk "The Wireless Future of Wellness Is Now" 
  • Identifying new roles in fitness for trainers on and off the exercise floor
  • Why the current model of personal training is broken 
  • Bridging the gap between wearables and digital coaching  
  • Identifying how health and fitness technologies can impact low income populations 
  • Why fitness consumers are now asking for training at the club with technology 
  • Understanding Data Collection Phase 1: Create the wireless fitness/wellness devices and improve data accuracy
  • Understanding Data Collection Phase 2: Analyze the fitness data from a health professional
  • Understanding Data Collection Phase 3: Implementing the data, personalizing it, and making it actionable 
  • Google AI Investments in 2016
  • The results of ACE's Fitness Technology Survey Fitness Technology Among Trainers in 2016 
  • Ted's featured contribution in the 2017 FIT-C Tech Trends Report

Top 3 Takeaways From The Show

  • Disruptive technology is happening right now in the fitness industry. With some of the largest brands in wellness technology and digital health aiming their sights on the fitness industry,  2017 will be the year for smart club owners, operators, and trainers to dedicate time and energy towards adoption.
  • This is an exciting time for all involved in the health, fitness and wellness industry.  Big changes to the industry are fast approaching, and technology is leading the disruption.  Those that understand and embrace technology will continue to see success and grow, those that don't may struggle to survive.  
  • The current healthcare model is broken. By being the bridge between doctor appointments, the certified health professional can play a critical role in the success of the overall wellness of each client.  And by using the proper disruptive health technologies as a tool, this success can be even greater.  

Power Quotes From Ted

"If you are a personal trainer and you're afraid that you're going to be replaced by a piece of technology, you should be. Because if the only thing you're doing for your client is the exact same thing that a piece of technology is doing, then you're not really a personal trainer." - Ted Vickey on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

"The iPhone 6 is one million times more powerful than the computer used to put the man on the moon. What I suggest is that we as the fitness industry, the health industry, and the healthcare industry realize this is our moonshot. This is how we can make a difference, and that is by using technology to make a difference in the lives of those that we have the opportunity and the privilege to serve." - Ted Vickey on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

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