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Welcome to the Fitness + Technology Podcast for club owners, operators, and fitness professionals! This show is your #1 trusted resource for the accelerating world of fitness technology. We regularly bring you an expert interview with a global influencer at the crossroads of fitness and technology. You’ll get the insights, tools, and inspiration you need to stay connected to the pulse of what matters most for your fitness business in the age of exponential technologies. This podcast is brought to you by the Fitness Industry Technology Council, who is mobilizing resources to drive the fitness industry forward, and representing leading companies and organizations to success through collaboration. This show is supported by Bryan O'Rourke and his family of companies including Vedere Ventures, a boutique investment and advisory firm helping early mature and late stage enterprises, moon mission media a digital marketing firm dedicated to the fitness space, and Integerus Advisors. To learn more visit
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Nov 28, 2016

Bryan O'Rourke is an experienced CEO, strategist, investor and advisor who helps organizations and professionals realize their full potential and solve their biggest challenges.

With a track record of building teams and growing global brands, his network of associates and partners have served organizations large and small. His present focus is on fitness, wellness, health clubs, technology, innovation, finance, marketing and business development, but his expertise and consultancy extends to a number of disciplines and industries. As an executive and owner in multiple companies he is also President of the non-profit Fitness Industry Technology Council, driving innovation and collaboration the fitness space.

He is considered a leading expert on technology, consumer and business trends and his views have been published in periodicals like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Inc. Magazine, CBI and many others. IHRSA named him one of 13 to watch in 2013. Bryan has contributed to two significant books on Innovation in the fitness sector. He delivers engaging customized keynotes and strategic working sessions and is a highly sought after speaker and facilitator who has delivered his message at industry conferences and organizational events on four continents.

Listen To Episode 001 As Bryan Uncovers 

  • 1 Billion gym and health club members globally by 2025, what's next?
  • Why Bryan is so passionate about the fitness industry and technology
  • The "sick care system" is unsustainable - quality lives and quality of life is a sustainability issue for us and our planet
  • How fitness is broadening its reach as part of an overall progression into life quality and longevity
  • Understanding the "Fourth Industrial Revolution"
  • Bryan's Presentation from London: "Poised For Growth" 
  • The 2017 FIT-C Technology Trends Report
  • Globalism: new markets and new innovations
  • How the greatest products of the next 20 years have not been created yet
  • Empowering the genius of the new millennial innovators 
  • Steven Kotler's work in technology
  • The rapidly changing consumers, millennials, and boomers 

Top 3 Takeaways From The Show

  • Club owners, operators, and fitness professionals must embrace the new era of technology in order to capitalize on the tremendous growth that is ahead in the next 3-5 years.
  • Read Kevin Kelly's book "The Inevitable" 
  • The consumer of today and the future must be met with omnipresence in the fitness industry.

Power Quotes From Bryan

 “Kevin Kelly has stated that at the rate AI technology is improving, a kid born today will rarely need to see a doctor to get a diagnosis by the time they are an adult." - Bryan O'Rourke on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

"In the midst of disruption in a world where having better questions will lead to better answers and to a brighter further for us all." - Bryan O'Rourke on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

"Here is the bottom line - in a decade from now many will be envious of not having been involved in what will become a hugely impactful industry. It would be like seeing the first planet take off at Kitty Hawk. That is where we are now." - Bryan O'Rourke on the Fitness + Technology Podcast

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